Allergens are allergy-causing particles that travel through the air. Below are the most common types of allergens. 


Minute airborne particles produced by pets like dogs or cats are called “pet dander.”


These include mould and particles from dust mites. These allergens are with us all year long.

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Occurs at certain times of the year and is especially prevalent in autumn.


These are the seasonal allergies that include pollen from grass and weeds.  

Allergens can enter our body through our nose.

They trigger a response from our immune system. 

Allergic substances are released, causing your allergic symptoms. 

FLIXONASE®  targets 6 key allergic substances.

Because of the way it works, it may take several days for FLIXONASE® to reach maximum effect. That’s why it’s best to use FLIXONASE® once a day.

FLIXONASE® not only relieves sneezing and a runny, itchy and blocked nose, but also sinus pain and congestion. 


Allergies are increasing dramatically worldwide. 400 million people globally suffer from nasal allergies and allergic rhitnits affects between 10 and 30% of all adults.

Part of the increase may be due to global climate change, scientists see a link between the rise of allergies and the increasing levels of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas in the earth’s atmosphere. As the earth gets warmer and more polluted, allergies are continuing to increase and plants are releasing more pollen into the air we breathe, exacerbating our symptoms. Even indoors there is no escape because todays modern energy efficient buildings reduce the exchange of indoor and outdoor air, concentrating indoor allergens inside and increasing allergic reactions in some people, making it more difficult to be fully productive at work.

Fortunately, Flixonase treats both indoor and outdoor allergens.

When used regularly just once a day it provides 24-hour relief from a range of nasal allergy symptoms. So even in today’s world, you can continue to take on the day. Flixonase, change the way you think about allergy relief.


Flixonase contains fluticasone propionate. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Use only as directed. For the treatment and prevention of allergic rhinitis.  If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.